Sustainability controlling in urbanwater and wastewater services

Tool for risk control is ready for use

Motivations of the project are new challenges for urban water systems such as climate change, demographic changes, rising energy prices as well as shifting policy frameworks and legal targets. The sustainability of urban water companies is closely linked to these developments, which affect their own performance and endanger their sustainability.
For this purpose, NaCoSi introduces an innovative approach with which sustainability risks can be identified and controlled. It is based on common process-oriented management systems. The starting point is a system of sustainability objectives, which were developed in cooperation with the practice partners. A method for multidimensional risk identification is introduced to identify sustainability risks, which are managed as records in a risk database. The analysis of the risk database allows the examination of cross-linked risks. Severe risk factors, vulnerable processes and sustainability objectives can thereby be identified and subsequently analysed. The results are presented in company-specific risk profiles.

Contact: Dr. Kay Möller