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The Worldwide Search for Best Practices by Benchmarking Programmes of the Water Sector

Analysis of international Benchmarking Programmes

Benchmarking is a management tool which is well-established in the water sector since its first occurrence in the early 1990s. Worldwide hundreds of initiatives, programmes and projects can be counted. Some of them are listed in this article to explain the current status of practice.



Benefits of and Limits to the Application of Econometric Methods

Investigation on advanced statistical methods

Econometrical methods can support and streamline benchmarking processes. They facilitate the consolidation of different performance and structural characteristics into models as well as their combined analysis. The impact of characteristics can partly be quantified. When using econometric methods, however, certain rules must be applied. In a cooperation project by several long-term benchmarking partners, process data from sewer construction and wastewater treatment were used for these purposes.



Benchmarking in the wastewater sector – taking stock

Investigation on objectives, results and success factors of more than 15 years of benchmarking in the Geman wastewater sector

In order to analyse the success of benchmarking undertaken by utilities in the German water sector, an investigation was carried out in the wastewater sector and how benchmarking affected the efficiency of the processes that the utilities carry out.