Improving individual management and processes

Our approach

We know the industry and the solutions for successful businesses like the back of our hand on account of our project experience and the mix of engineers, natural scientists and economists in our team. On that basis we can communicate successful practices to the industry. 

In our projects we have learned to listen to our customers' management and employees. We are partners of the managerial staffs and want to build on their knowledge.

Our consulting areas have developed from that.

Standardised management systems

We are at your disposal as a contact for two management systems which have been specially adapted and developed for the industry:

  • Technical Safety Management (TSM)
  • Sustainability controlling for urban water systems (NaCoSi)

For more information – see our German website.

Performance assessment, controlling and reporting

aquabench's competencies also assist our customers with the individual or permanent implementation of reporting and controlling instruments. We support you with your questions:

Where do I stand with my performances? How are these performances perceived? With which instruments should I explain the components of my fees? How do I track the findings? Which performance indicators are relevant for control?

Examples of aquabench's services (for more information – see our German website):

  • Water / wastewater company check for communal and industrial plant operators
  • Customer surveys on water supply / wastewater disposal
  • Fee calculation
  • Price and fee transparency
  • Cost forecast for investment projects
  • Introduction of a cost and performance calculation
  • Management cockpit benchmarking

Process and organisational optimisation

Together with our customers we identify the commercial and technical focal points as well as the set screws in the processes and support them in the optimisation. This takes place individually and precisely.

Examples of aquabench's services (for more information - see our German website):

  • Individual cause analysis and planning of measures
  • Exchange of experiences in document management
  • Water / wastewater process check
  • Energy analysis of wastewater treatment plants and water supplies
  • Water loss analysis
  • Planning of staffing levels at wastewater treatment plants
  • Organisation studies